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    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Selkie Seal Commonly Asked Custom Jewellery Questions

    6 Commonly Asked Custom Jewellery Questions

    6 Commonly Asked Custom Jewellery Questions by George Collins


    Here at Lunar Rain we create many special pieces of jewellery including custom wedding and engagement rings. While creating a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece is a creative and intimate process, we get lots of questions about how the process works and where to begin. Here we answer some of our most commonly asked custom jewellery questions.


    I’m not familiar with how custom jewellery is created. What does the custom jewellery process look like?

    At Lunar Rain there are 2 different custom jewellery processes. We have process A and process B depending on if you want a pre-existing design or a new design.


    Process A –  The client wants to use one of our pre-existing designs with different gemstones or colours.

    Step 1 ) We show the client gemstone and colour options and the client makes their choices and pays for the jewellery in full.

    Step 2) We then place your order in our production line up and in 2.5 to 5 months (depending on complexity of the design) your order will be ready to ship to you.

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Selkie Seal custom jewellery design painting dendritic agate
    The design painting for the Selkie Seal Earrings by Melissa Chen with a selection of dendritic agates.
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Selkie Seal Earrings 10205 a
    Selkie Seal Earrings in 18k gold and dendritic agate. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.

    Process B –  The client wants us to create a new original design that doesn’t exist.

    Step 1) Consultation and Quote

    The client contacts us by email and provides details and reference photos for what they have in mind. This includes information about style, shape, size, gold colour, gemstones and weight. With this information we can get to know your project and provide you with a quote. The price of custom jewellery depends on many different factors including complexity of design, gemstone type, number of gemstones. When the client decides to move ahead with the project, a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid before our designer begins working on the piece. 

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Selkie Seal custom jewellery design painting
    The design painting for the Selkie Seal Earrings by Melissa Chen.
    Step 2) Design Sketches

    The designer, Melissa Chen, will then work on a series of hand drawn pencil sketches and notify you when the drawings are ready to see. First drafts of designs are typically completed 1 week after your initial consultation and are the first step in bringing your jewellery to life.

    The first drafts are then refined and adjusted 2 to 3 times with input from the client. The designer emails the client a new photo of the design sketch each time a change is made. When the sketch is approved, the designer then paints the design in watercolour on paper.

    Step 3) CAD Renders

    We then use computer aided design (CAD) to turn your jewellery piece into a three dimensional image. CAD renders typically take 1 to 2 weeks to complete and will be shown to you once they are ready. During the CAD render process you can continue to make further adjustments to the design.

    When the client is satisfied with the design, the design is finalized. The client then pays the remaining 50% of the price. The piece is then placed in our production line up and will be ready to ship to you in 2.5 to 5 months (depending on complexity of the design).


    How long does it take to create a custom piece?

    It varies from 2.5 to 5 months depending on the complexity of the design and how many adjustments are made during the design process.

    How much does custom jewellery cost?

    It ranges from $1,300 to $30k+. There are many different factors that go into the price of custom jewellery including metal type, size and rarity of gemstones, number of gemstones and complexity of design.

    Are custom jewellery designs original?

    Yes, all of our jewellery designs come from our designer, Melissa Chen’s imagination.

    Are custom jewellery designs one of a kind?

    If you would like your design to be a one off design please let us know before we begin the custom design process.

    Can I use my own stones & metal?

    Not at this time. We supply brand new gemstones and diamonds and can source gemstones that are not in our inventory. If you are looking for a very rare gemstone, we will try to find it during our next trip to a gem show.

    Contact us at and tell us about your project to begin the custom jewellery making process!


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