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    aje dress outfit

    Aje Dress Outfits

    Aje Dress Outfits by George Collins

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    Coral Pink

    Ring – Lunar Rain Sea Urchin Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Pink and Orange Thin Banded Seahorse Ring

    Dress – Aje Evangeline Cornelli Maxi Dress – Summer 2023

    Shoes – Aquazurra Tequila Sandal 105 – Summer 2023

    Pink and Orange Banded Thin Seahorse Ring Lunar Rain Melissa Chen
    The Pink and Orange Thin Seahorse Ring in 18k gold with enamel and rubies. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    Aje Dress Evangeline pink

    Aje is a contemporary fashion brand founded in Australia by best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest in 2008. Known for its distinctive designs that blend modernity with a touch of bohemian aesthetics, Aje offers a range of women’s ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and footwear. The brand’s collections often feature intricate detailing, vibrant prints, and a mix of textures, reflecting a sense of effortless style and sophistication. Aje has gained a strong following both in Australia and internationally, with its pieces being worn by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of art, culture, and craftsmanship.

    aje dress orange
    Pink and Orange Seahorse Ring Lunar Rain Melissa Chen
    aje orange dress
    aje dress pink

    Rose Petals

    Ring – Lunar Rain Roses Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Papilio Polytes Butterfly Earrings Gold Vermeil

    Dress – Aje Amour Ruffle Midi Dress – Summer 2023

    Shoes – Dee Ocleppo Linda Heel – Summer 2023

    Bag – Ulla Johnson Lotus Flower Pochette Bag in Orchid – Summer 2023

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Papilio Polytes Butterfly Earrings Gold Vermeil 10199 b
    Papilio Polytes Butterfly Earrings in gold vermeil and sterling silver from our Earthly Delights Collection.
    aje pink ruffle dress
    aje dress Deep Blue Sea lunar rain outfit Melissa Chen

    The Deep Blue Sea

    Ring – Lunar Rain Manta Ray Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Puffer Fish Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Anemone Ring – Price on Request. Please email

    Ring – Lunar Rain Swimming Herring Ring

    Dress – Aje Cosmos Cutout Tiered Cotton Mini Dress – Summer 2022

    Shoes – Aquazurra Pompeii Sandals – 2021

    fish jewellery Lunar Rain Melissa Chen swimming herring fish rings
    Swimming Herring Fish Rings in 18k gold. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    aje dress print cosmos cut out tiered mini dress

    Aje Dress

    This Aje dress has a unique blue colour gradient that reminds us of the sea. It goes perfectly with our ocean inspired jewellery from our Full Fathom Five Collection.

    puffer fish ring and anemone ring lunar rain jewellery melissa chen home
    Puffer Fish and Anemone Rings in 18k gold with dendritic agate and diamond. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    fish rings puffer fish manta ray jewellery lunar rain melissa chen
    Starfish, Swimming Herring Fish and Puffer Fish and Manta Ray rings made of 18k gold, dendritic agate and diamond from our Full Fathom Five Collection.

    Lunar Rain is a Canadian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We ship worldwide and specialize in making fine jewellery inspired by nature.


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    We currently have 5 collections:
    Full Fathom Five – A collection inspired by sunken treasure and the sea.
    Earthly Delights – Fantastical jewels inspired by nature, food and other earthly pleasures.
    Gothic Romance – Jewellery inspired by gothic art, fashion and literature.
    Celestial Dreams – Jewellery inspired by the stars and galaxies above and heavenly deities.
    All The Devils Are Here – A darker collection inspired by witchcraft, hell, monsters and memento mori jewellery


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