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    brandon maxwell coat outfit luna rain

    Brandon Maxwell Dress Outfits

    Brandon Maxwell Dress Outfits by George Collins

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Red Enamel Dragon Ring 18k 10183 d copy
    Dragon Ring in 18k gold with enamel and ruby. From our All The Devils Are Here Collection
    barndon maxwell coat leopard

    Brandon Maxwell Coat

    Brandon Maxwell dress Butterfly Love lunar rain style Melissa Chen

    Butterfly Love

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Sylphina Butterfly Earrings

    Dress – Brandon Maxwell Butterfly Dress with Blouson Sleeves – Resort 2022

    Top – David Koma Butterfly Embroidered Peplum Top – Fall 2019

    Shoes – Gianvito Rossi Piper 85 suede ankle boots

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings Gold Vermeil 10196
    Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings in sterling silver with gold vermeil. From our Earthly Delights Collection.
    brandon maxwell dress butterfly print blue white

    Brandon Maxwell Dress

    This beautiful Brandon Maxwell butterfly dress makes us excited for spring. It goes perfectly with our sterling silver butterfly jewellery from our Earthly Delights Collection. Butterflies are often regarded as powerful symbols of transformation, hope, and beauty. Their life cycle, starting from a tiny egg, transforming into a caterpillar, then cocooning and finally emerging as a vibrant butterfly, serves as a metaphor for personal growth and spiritual evolution. The delicate and graceful nature of butterflies reflects a sense of lightness and freedom, reminding us to embrace change and let go of the past. Additionally, their vibrant colors and intricate patterns symbolize the diversity and uniqueness of life itself. Butterflies are often associated with joy, love, and the ephemeral nature of existence, encouraging us to appreciate the present moment and the transient beauty that surrounds us.

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Black Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings Sterling Silver 10195 b
    Black Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings in oxidized sterling silver. From our Earthly Delights Collection.
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Black Sylphina Angel Butterfly Earrings Sterling Silver 10200
    Sylphina Angel Butterfly Earrings in oxidized sterling silver. From our Earthly Delights Collection.

    The swallowtail butterfly is a colorful insect known for its distinctive wing shape, resembling the forked tail of a swallow. Found in various parts of the world, it is admired for its elegant flight and vibrant patterns. With a wingspan ranging from 2 to 8 inches, these butterflies exhibit a wide range of colors and markings, often including shades of yellow, black, and blue. Swallowtail butterflies are a beloved symbol of beauty and grace in the natural world.

    Brandon Maxwell is an American luxury fashion brand founded by designer Brandon Maxwell. The brand is synonymous with modern glamour and refined elegance. Known for its sleek and sophisticated designs, Brandon Maxwell offers impeccably tailored clothing that exudes confidence and empowerment. The brand’s collections feature clean lines, timeless silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics, showcasing a perfect balance of simplicity and luxury. With a focus on impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, Brandon Maxwell garments are designed to enhance the natural beauty and grace of the wearer. The brand has gained popularity among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike, becoming a symbol of contemporary, polished style.

    Lunar Rain is a Canadian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We ship worldwide and specialize in making fine jewellery inspired by nature.


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    We currently have 5 collections:
    Full Fathom Five – A collection inspired by sunken treasure and the sea.
    Earthly Delights – Fantastical jewels inspired by nature, food and other earthly pleasures.
    Gothic Romance – Jewellery inspired by gothic art, fashion and literature.
    Celestial Dreams – Jewellery inspired by the stars and galaxies above and heavenly deities.
    All The Devils Are Here – A darker collection inspired by witchcraft, hell, monsters and memento mori jewellery.


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