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    canada custom jewellery design 7

    Canada Custom Jewellery Design

    Canada Custom Jewellery Design by George Collins


    Looking for a Canadian custom jewellery design house? Here at Lunar Rain, we offer full-service custom jewellery design and are based in Vancouver, Canada. For custom designs, we source the required natural or lab-grown gemstones, create 3D design renderings, and produce the finished pieces. Customers can come to us with their own designs or request our designer to create a new piece.

    To get a custom quote, please email us at We specialize in crafting both traditional engagement rings and more fantastical, complex designs.

    canada custom jewellery design
    Traditional 18k gold diamond engagement rings.
    Canada Custom Jewellery Design
    The Thin Seahorse Rings, Herring Ring, Manta Ray Ring and Octopus Ink Squirt Earrings made of 18k solid gold with dendritic agate and moonstones from our Full Fathom Five Collection.

    About Our Custom Design Process:

    Step 1: The customer requests a quote for a custom design.

    Step 2: We provide a quote and delivery time frame. If the customer decides to proceed with the project, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required.

    Step 3: We create a 3D rendering of the design on the computer. We present the rendering to the customer, who can request changes to the design. Once the customer is happy with the design and the 3D rendering of the design is finalized, we charge the remaining 50% of the total cost.

    Step 4: We make the design.

    Step 5: The final piece will be ready to ship within 2 to 5 months after the design is finalized. The exact delivery time depends on the complexity of the design.

    canada custom jewellery design
    The Humpback Whale Necklace made of 18k solid gold with dendritic agate from our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    canada custom jewellery design
    Traditional 18k gold diamond engagement rings.

    Important Custom Design Notes:

    • We ship from Vancouver, Canada.
    • We can source natural and lab-grown diamonds in a wide variety of shapes, cuts, carats, colors, and clarity.
    • We can provide GIA Certified diamonds and gemstones graded by the Gemological Institute of America. You can find the certification costs on GIA’s website here. Certification prices vary depending on the type and size of the gemstone.
    • Quotes are provided in Canadian dollars for customers located in Canada.
    • Quotes are provided in US dollars for customers located in the US.
    • For customers from the rest of the world, quotes are provided in US dollars.
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Octopus Ink Necklace 10087
    Octopus Ink Necklace made of 18k gold, dendritic agate and moonstone. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    lunar rain melissa chen octopus
    canadian jewellery brand lunar rain
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Double Kelp Ring 18K Yellow Gold 10260
    Double Kelp Rings made of 18k gold from our Full Fathom Five Collection.

    Lunar Rain is a Canadian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We ship worldwide and specialize in making fine jewellery inspired by nature.


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    We currently have 5 collections:
    Full Fathom Five – A collection inspired by sunken treasure and the sea.
    Earthly Delights – Fantastical jewels inspired by nature, food and other earthly pleasures.
    Gothic Romance – Jewellery inspired by gothic art, fashion and literature.
    Celestial Dreams – Jewellery inspired by the stars and galaxies above and heavenly deities.
    All The Devils Are Here – A darker collection inspired by witchcraft, hell, monsters and memento mori jewellery.


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