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    Puffer Fish Ring, Sea Turtle Ring, Angel Fish Ring, Anemone Ring and Selkie Seal Earrings designed by Melissa Chen. All made of 18k gold with dendritic agate.

    If you are looking for something that isn’t available we can do a custom piece for you. When we create custom jewellery, all details are carefully worked out with our designer, Melissa Chen. We can make pieces in any gold and enamel colour combination and make adjustments to existing designs or come up with an entirely new design. At Lunar Rain®, we do custom designs in 18k gold. We are unable to do custom jewellery in 14k gold or sterling silver. 


    The delivery time for custom work is 3 to 5 months depending on if our designer needs to do a design painting and the complexity of the piece. Custom jewellery is not returnable. If the custom piece includes gemstones, the gemstones must be provided by us. At the moment, we do not make custom jewellery with gemstones belonging to the customer.


    Over the years, Melissa has collected a large amount of fine dendritic agate gemstones because it is her favourite stone. The picturesque mineral inclusions remind her of miniature paintings. Many of the dendritic agates she has collected are museum quality stones and each is a completely unique painting by mother nature. If custom jewellery includes dendritic agates, customers can select the stones from Melissa’s collection.


    For a quote for a custom piece, please email us with details including size, gold colour and visual characteristics.


    For designs that require our designer, Melissa Chen, to create a design painting, there is a non-refundable 50% deposit for Melissa to do the design painting, this includes two rounds of amendments. The remaining 50% of the cost of the custom piece will be invoiced to you when the design is finalized, before it goes into production. All designs and design paintings are owned by Melissa Chen.


    Please email us at for more information.

    Some of our custom jewellery design options:


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    Shipping to all other countries is $25

    Dive into our five collections of fantastical jewellery inspired by nature and art. Visit our blog to learn more about our original creations.

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