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    Fox Heart Earrings from Lunar Rain designed by Melissa Chen

    Fox Jewellery From Lunar Rain Inspired By Fantastic Foxes

    Lunar Rain’s Fantastic Fox Jewellery by Melissa Chen


    Disclaimer: Lunar Rain’s jewellery designs are not affiliated with the films, tv shows and fictional characters mentioned in this article.


    Above is a picture of my fox jewellery made of sterling silver and hand painted enamel from our Gothic Romance Collection.


    I always loved foxes and their cute fluffiness and cunning nature. For me they have always been a symbol of intelligence and slyness. Foxes have come to represent a variety of things in different cultures and stories. In Celtic stories they are a spirit guide. I was recently reminded of this when seeing the film The Green Knight (2021) starring Dev Patel. In the film, a fox guide accompanies Gawain along on his journey to fulfill his quest.

    Still from film The Green Knight (2021).

    Another movie involving foxes that I really enjoyed watching was Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). It was this film that inspired me to design a piece of fox jewellery. Prior to seeing this film, I had seen many pieces of Victorian era jewellery that featured the fox. Victorian fox jewellery was worn by people who enjoyed hunting foxes; they wore them as a reminder of their love for hunting and their hunting achievements. But nowadays people are unlikely to wear fox jewellery for the same reasons.

    Still from the film Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

    The film Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired me to design a piece of work that gave the fox some character instead of depicting the fox as a trophy head. Therefore, instead of depicting a fox head against a plain background, I added some naturalistic detail. I decided to show a fox peeking out from a leafy bush. It’s movement causes some leaves to fall off the bush and this is represented as dangling golden leaves. It turned out to be a very cute design and is one of my favourite heart jewellery pieces that I have designed so far.

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen fox heart earrings design painting

    Melissa Chen’s watercolour design painting for the Fox Heart Earrings. Sept 2020.

    Here is another fox picture below for peeps who also like British tv shows.

    Still from the TV show Fleabag (2019)


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