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    Artist & Designer Melissa Chen’s Surgery Statement

    Melissa Chen Artist & Designer Surgery Statement by George Collins


    Melissa Chen’s official statement on her successful surgery to remove a benign hemangioma tumour:


    “Currently in recovery.

    Last week, I had surgery to remove a benign hemangioma tumour from behind my left eye, where it was crushing my optic nerve and muscles.

    Since February 2020, I have been experiencing vision loss in my left eye with no diagnosis. It has affected my depth perception and made working a constant struggle. In late October 2023, after seeing many specialists, I was diagnosed with a benign hemangioma tumour. Last week, the terrifically skilled surgeons Dr. Vivian Yin and Dr. Arif Janjua, along with their surgical team at Vancouver General Hospital, were able to remove the tumour through my nose. They restored my vision, and now I can see clearly again for the first time in over 3 years. I will be forever grateful to the team of doctors who saved and restored my eyesight. I am also thankful to the many other doctors, nurses, and lab techs who helped me get to this point. ❤️

    The tumour will not grow back because it was benign. It’s not hereditary, but it’s like a birthmark; I was most likely born with it in a stroke of bad luck and it grew bigger over time. It’s been weird after surgery because my brain is not used to getting this much visual information anymore. The sudden arrival of more details and colours is overwhelming after years of foggy vision and a big blind spot. The healing is going well, and I should be good to go by mid-January.

    This is my last post of 2023; I’m going to rest and mend now. My brother Ivan will take over posting for the time being. The brand is running as usual; it’s just me who’s taking a break. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and good health! I look forward to seeing everyone more clearly than ever in 2024!


    Melissa ❤️” – Melissa Chen, Dec 15th 2023.

    luna rain art melissa chen artist health surgery
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