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    Lunar Rain Registered Trademarks

    Lunar Rain Registered Trademarks by George Collins


    A full list of our registered trademarks with registration numbers is listed below. To view our trademark registration information, click on the links below.  


    LUNAR RAIN® is a registered trademark owned by LUNAR RAIN JEWELLERY LTD. 


    The use of similar business names to sell the same goods & services and/or related goods & services will result in legal action. Business names such as, but not limited to the names listed below, will result in legal action:


    Lunar Rain

    Luna Rain



    Luna Raine

    Lunar Rainne


    Luna Rainn

    Lune Raine

    Lune Rain

    Moon Rain


    Please do not use these business names to sell the same goods & services and/or related goods & services.

    A list of our registered trademarks with registration numbers:


    US #6120420

    Registered Aug 4, 2020

    First Use: May 19, 2020

    Class 14


    Australia #2036198

    Registered Sept 11, 2019

    Class 14, 35


    United Kingdom #UK00003421026

    Registered Aug 13, 2019

    Class 14, 35


    EU #018110351

    Registered Dec 6, 2019

    Class 14, 35


    Canada #TMA1111196

    Filed 2019-07-16

    Registered 2021-10-13

    Class 14


    Canada #TMA1097613

    Registered 2021-04-06

    Class 14


    Canada #TMA1111197

    Registered 2021-10-13

    Class 14


    China     Chinese Word Mark: #46897162       English Word Mark: #39906585

    English word mark Registered March 14, 2020

    Chinese word mark Registered Jan 21, 2021

    Class 14

    LUNAR RAIN ® is a fine jewellery and art brand designed by Canadian artist Melissa Chen, based in Vancouver, Canada. Melissa founded Lunar Rain in 2018. We ship worldwide and specialize in making artworks inspired by nature.


    Melissa Chen attended the Royal College of Art in London, England for her Master of Arts in Painting and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for her Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

    For more about the designer visit –

    Instagram – @lunarrainjewellery



    Shop our work at


    We currently have 5 collections:
    Full Fathom Five – A collection inspired by sunken treasure and the sea.
    Earthly Delights – Fantastical jewels inspired by nature, food and other earthly pleasures.
    Gothic Romance – Jewellery inspired by gothic art, fashion and literature.
    Celestial Dreams – Jewellery inspired by the stars and galaxies above and heavenly deities.
    All The Devils Are Here – A darker collection inspired by witchcraft, hell, monsters and memento mori jewellery.

    luna rain Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Herring Fish Earrings ocean jewellery
    Herring Fish earrings in 18k gold with dendritic agate and Akoya pearls. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.


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