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    gem mall tucson gem show 2020

    Lunar Rain’s Trip to the 2020 Tucson Gem Show

    Lunar Rain’s Trip to the 2020 Tucson Gem Show by Melissa Chen


    On January 31st we flew from Vancouver, Canada to Tucson, Arizona to visit the Tucson Gem Show to source gemstones and to connect with gemstone dealers for Lunar Rain. We have visited the Hong Kong Gem Show before but this was our first trip to the Tucson Gem Show.

    The Tucson Gem Show is the biggest gem show in North America for people in the jewellery industry.

    Because this was our first time visiting, we decided to go to as many shows as possible to get a thorough idea of what the Tucson Gem Show is like. The Tucson Gem Show is actually many shows scattered across the city of Tucson all connected by a shuttle bus service. Therefore, we were constantly on the move during our busy 5 day stay in Tucson.

    jewellery designer melissa chen looking at garnets agta tucson gemfair show 2020

    Jewellery designer Melissa Chen looking at garnets at the 2020 AGTA Tucson Gemfair Show.

    jewellery designer Melissa Chen admiring the Tucson Cactus 2020

    Melissa admiring Tucson’s cactus.

    We went to the G&LW Gem Mall, G&LW Holidome, Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, GJX Gem & Jewelry Show, AGTA Gemfair, JOGS Show, Kino Gem & Mineral Show and the group of shows at Casino Del Sol. Because we went to many shows, we were very grateful for the shuttle bus service that made it easy travel around!

    I was most surprised by the large and impressive amount of raw gemstones and fossils at many of these shows. At the JOGS Show I saw numerous large boxes stacked full of fossilized shark teeth and trilobites. This was fascinating to see but for Lunar Rain, we were looking specifically for high quality cut gemstones. 

    I found that the best shows for cut gemstones were the GJX Gem & Jewelry Show, G&LW Gem Mall, Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show and the AGTA Gemfair.

    melissa chen picking moonstones at the tucson gem show 2020

    At the GJX Gem & Jewelry Show and G&LW Gem Mall I found some high quality rainbow moonstones that really glowed (see picture above). We ended up buying a fair bit of rainbow moonstones for several of my designs and I also got to see many other gems.

    In the end it was a successful trip and in the future we will be making a choice between going to the Tucson Gem Show or the Hong Kong Gem Show. For Lunar Rain, the Hong Kong Gem Show currently has the edge because the Japanese Akoya pearls there are incredibly enticing and I love using Akoya pearls in our oceanic Full Fathom Five Collection.

    Besides seeing many gemstones, we also saw lots of cacti in Tucson. See pictures below.

    tucson cactus


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