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    Marina Moscone coat dress lunar rain melissa chen outfit

    Marina Moscone Outfits

    Marina Moscone Outfits by George Collins

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    Toadstools and Magic

    Ring – Lunar Rain Frog Prince Ring – Price on request, please email us at

    Coat – Marina Moscone – Resort 2022

    Dress – Marina Moscone Short Sleeve Sheath – Resort 2022

    Shoes – Thom Browne Curved Heel Long Point Brogues – 2022

    Lipstick – Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

    Our Frog Prince Ring made of 18k gold, dendritic agate and tsavorite.
    Marina Moscone blazer print plaid trousers

    Marina Moscone Blazer and Trousers

    Marina Moscone coat and trouser outfit ideas with our Dragon Ring and Frog Prince Ring from our All The Devils Are Here and Earthly Delights Collections. The Frog Prince is a popular fairy tale that has captivated audiences for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times, with similar tales appearing in different cultures. However, the most well-known version was recorded by the Brothers Grimm in the 19th century. The story revolves around a princess who, after reluctantly befriending a talking frog, discovers that he is actually a cursed prince. The curse is broken when the princess kisses the frog, transforming him back into a handsome prince. The story teaches lessons about kindness, keeping promises, and seeing beyond appearances, making it a timeless tale loved by children and adults alike.

    Marina Moscone lightning trousers lunar rain melissa chen outfit
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Red Enamel Dragon Ring 18k 10183 e
    Dragon Ring in 18k gold with enamel and ruby. From our All The Devils Are Here Collection
    Marina Moscone lightning trousers top

    Marina Moscone Top and Trousers

    Lunar Rain is a Canadian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We ship worldwide and specialize in making fine jewellery inspired by nature.


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    We currently have 5 collections:
    Full Fathom Five – A collection inspired by sunken treasure and the sea.
    Earthly Delights – Fantastical jewels inspired by nature, food and other earthly pleasures.
    Gothic Romance – Jewellery inspired by gothic art, fashion and literature.
    Celestial Dreams – Jewellery inspired by the stars and galaxies above and heavenly deities.
    All The Devils Are Here – A darker collection inspired by witchcraft, hell, monsters and memento mori jewellery.


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