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    My Girlfriend Doesn’t Wear My Jewelry

    My Girlfriend Doesn’t Wear My Jewelry

    My Girlfriend Doesn’t Wear My Jewelry by George Collins

    Has your girlfriend not worn the jewelry present you purchased for her? Did you spend hours painstakingly choosing the perfect jewelry piece, yet she still isn’t wearing it? Read on to find out what that might mean and what to do about it. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many boyfriends, but there is a reason and solution to this problem.


    Possible Reason #1 : It’s Not Her Style

    I have a friend named Tara who is a bit of a goth. Tara loves wearing dark jewelry, clothes, and makeup. The jewelry she buys for herself usually has skulls, bats, and other goth elements. One day, her boyfriend bought her a pink pearl necklace, like the one pictured below. The pearl necklace he bought was perfectly pretty, but she never wore it because it was not her style. It was more prim and proper than the goth darkness Tara preferred. When buying jewelry as a gift, you may choose the piece according to your own style, but if it does not align with your girlfriend’s style, she may not wear it.

    skull jewellery skull earrings Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Hellfire Skull Earrings 10106
    Hellfire Skull Earrings in 18k gold with dendritic agate, and Tahitian black pearls. From our All The Devils Are Here Collection.
    pink freshwater pearl round strand
    Pink freshwater round pearl strand.

    Possible Reason #2 : She Has Different Habits

    Some girls may own many pieces of jewelry and have a habit of wearing different jewelry every day. If this is the case, she may not wear your gift very often, and it may take a while for her to figure out how to incorporate your gift into her outfit. However, if she is the type of girl who wears the same jewelry every day and is still not wearing your present, then there is a different reason for her behaviour.


    Possible Reason #3 : She Is Saving It For A Special Occasion

    She may love your gift and simply be saving it for a special occasion because it truly means a lot to her.


    Possible Reason #4 : She’s Not Into The Subject Matter

    Does she like dragons or unicorns? Cats or dogs? Make sure you know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes before you buy a piece of jewelry. Find out what subjects inspire her. Is she more into animals or plants? Sometimes it is better to let the relationship progress before making a purchase. This way, you will understand her better and have a more accurate understanding of what kind of jewelry she would like to receive.

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Green Enamel Dragon Ring 18k 10182 d
    Dragon Ring in 18k gold with enamel and ruby. From our All The Devils Are Here Collection.
    Lunar Rain Unicorn Pomegranate Ring
    The Unicorn Pomegranate Ring in 18k solid gold with enamel.

    Possible Reason #5 : She’s Allergic To It

    Some people have allergies or sensitivities to certain metals or materials used in jewelry. If your gift contains such components, she might avoid wearing it to avoid any discomfort.


    Possible Reason #6 : It’s Uncomfortable To Wear

    Some jewelry items like chunky bracelets, necklaces or earrings might be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, leading her to choose not to wear them regularly.


    Possible Reason #7 : It Doesn’t Fit

    If the jewelry doesn’t fit properly, she may not feel comfortable wearing it. Tight rings and bracelets are very unpleasant to wear. Resizing or adjusting the piece could resolve this issue.


    Possible Reason #8 : She Doesn’t Like Jewelry

    Some women simply don’t like jewelry and aren’t enthusiastic about wearing jewelry regularly or at all.


    Possible Reason #9 : She’s Just Not That Into You

    Unfortunately, this is a possible reason, but the first eight reasons I mentioned above are far more likely. If she is not that into you, she will be uninterested in wearing something that connects her to you.


    If your girlfriend does not like the jewelry present you got her and won’t wear it, here are 4 ways to prevent it from happening again.


    Gift Buying Method  #1 : Keep An Eye On Her Likes & Saves

    Many social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have a way for users to like and save posts. Make sure to take a look at what posts she has liked or saved. These posts provide a direct look into her mind. If you buy your gift according to what she has saved or liked on social media, she will probably like the gift.

    social media likes symbols

    Gift Buying Method #2 : Look At Her Online Wish Lists

    Most e-commerce shops give customers a way to save the things they like into a wish list. If you can take a look at your girlfriend’s wish lists while she is logged into her shop accounts, this will help guide you to find the right gift. The wish lists are usually indicated by a heart icon at the top of an e-commerce website. Click on that heart icon to find out what she loves.


    Gift Buying Method #3 : Think About A Recent Conversation

    Has she dropped a hint about what she wants in a recent conversation? If she has, listen to what she said.


    Gift Buying Method #4 : Ask Her What She Wants

    One way is to be direct and ask her for a list of things she would like. This takes away the surprise but prevents any wrong purchases.

    canadian jewellery brand lunar rain
    Sea Turtle, Sea Star, Herring Fish and Anemone Rings made of 18k gold, dendritic agate and diamond. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.
    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Herring Chain fish Necklace 10071 c
    Herring Fish Pendant Necklace in 18k gold with dendritic agate. From our Full Fathom Five Collection.

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