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    tropical vacation outfit idea

    22 Tropical Vacation Outfit Ideas

    Tropical Vacation Outfit Ideas by George Collins

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    Tropical vacation outfit ideas that will keep you cool in hot weather while still being stylish and beautiful. Click the links to shop for a vacation in a warmer climate. Our luxury outfit stylings include clothes from luxury brands Zimmermann, Agua by Agua Bendita, Aje, Alemais etc.

    Dressing for a tropical vacation requires lightweight, breathable, and comfortable clothing that can keep you cool and stylish in warm and humid weather. Whether you’re heading to a beach resort, a tropical island, or a coastal destination, here are some tips on how to dress for a tropical vacation:

    Light and airy fabrics: Opt for clothing made from natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or lightweight rayon. These materials allow air to circulate and help you stay cool in the heat.

    tropical vacation outfit ideas

    Sundresses and skirts: Sundresses and skirts are perfect for tropical vacations. They are comfortable, stylish, and allow for easy movement. Choose vibrant colours and patterns that complement the tropical setting.

    Shorts and lightweight pants: Pack a few pairs of shorts and lightweight pants for casual daytime outings or activities. Linen or cotton shorts and loose-fitting pants are ideal for a relaxed and comfortable look.

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    The Deep Blue Sea

    Ring – Lunar Rain Manta Ray Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Puffer Fish Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Anemone Ring – Price on Request. Please email

    Ring – Lunar Rain Swimming Herring Ring

    Dress – Aje Cosmos Cutout Tiered Cotton Mini Dress – Summer 2022

    Shoes – Aquazurra Pompeii Sandals – 2021

    Swimwear: Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits! Whether you prefer one-piece swimsuits or bikinis, make sure you have a few options to enjoy the beach or the pool.

    Breathable tops: Pack a variety of breezy tops, such as tank tops, loose blouses, or lightweight t-shirts. These tops can be paired with shorts, skirts, or pants for different daytime activities.

    Cover-ups and kaftans: Cover-ups and kaftans are perfect for throwing over your swimsuit when you’re walking to and from the beach or pool. They provide extra sun protection and keep you looking chic.

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Ring – Lunar Rain Butterfly Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Gold Vermeil Swallowtail Butterfly Earrings 

    Dress – Agua by Agua Bendita Pluma Estelar Dress – Summer 2023

    Shoes – Aquazurra Papillon Sandal 105 – Summer 2023

    The watercolour painting with the dancing fairies is by William Blake, titled Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing. Painted in 1786.

    The vertical watercolour painting with the lily flowers is by William Blake, titled Oberon and Titania on a Lily. Circa 1790-93.

    Sun hat and sunglasses: A wide-brimmed sun hat and a good pair of sunglasses are essential for protecting your face and eyes from the strong tropical sun.

    Sandals and comfortable shoes: Bring a pair of comfortable sandals for beach walks and casual outings. If you plan on doing any hiking or exploring, consider packing lightweight and breathable sneakers or walking shoes.

    Evening wear: For evening dinners or events, opt for light and flowy maxi dresses, elegant jumpsuits, or linen trousers paired with dressy tops. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and don’t wrinkle easily.

    tropical vacation outfit ideas

    Sunscreen and bug repellent: Don’t forget to pack sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Additionally, insect repellent can be helpful to avoid bug bites in tropical areas.

    Pack a light jacket or shawl: While the weather is usually warm in tropical destinations, it can get cooler in the evenings or if there’s a sudden rain shower. Bring a light jacket or shawl to stay comfortable during these times.

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Remember, the key to dressing for a tropical vacation is to stay comfortable, protect yourself from the sun, and embrace the vibrant colors and relaxed style that the destination offers. Enjoy your tropical getaway!

    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Dragon Tales

    Ring – Lunar Rain Green Dragon Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Green Dragon Earrings

    Dress – Alemais Seeker Sundress – Summer 2023

    Shoes – The Attico Venus Faux Leather Slingback Pumps – Summer 2023

    Painting is Saint George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell 1400/52

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Versace Mermaid

    Ring – Lunar Rain Angel Fish Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Purple and Blue Hippocampus Ring

    Necklace – Lunar Rain Kissing Herring Necklace

    Top – Versace – RTW Spring Summer 2021

    Skirt – Versace – RTW Spring Summer 2021

    Shoes – Amina Muaddi Rosie clear pointed toe pumps – 2022

    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Jungle Stroll

    Ring – Lunar Rain Green Infinity Spiral Snake Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Frog Prince Ring. Price on request. Please email

    Dress – Agua by Agua Bendita Espliego Lunar Cotton Maxi Dress – Summer 2023

    Shoes – Aquazzura Gatsby Flat – Summer 2023

    Bag – Ines Bressand Mini Wave Leather Trimmed Raffia Shoulder Bag – Summer 2023

    Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Grecian Goddess

    Ring – Lunar Rain Pegasus Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Swimming Herring Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Herring Earrings

    Dress – Zeus + Dione Isadora Dress – Spring Summer 2018

    Shoes – Zeus + Dione Dinami Wave Sandals – 2022

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Kelp Forest

    Ring – Lunar Rain Kelp Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Green Seahorse Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Kelp Pearl Earrings – Price On Request, please email

    Dress – Johanna Ortiz Seagrass Cotton Maxi Dress – Pre Fall 2022

    Shoes – Aquazzura Noah woven slides

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    The Selkie

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Selkie Seal Earrings

    Ring – Lunar Rain Moonstone Kelp Ring

    Dress – Johanna Ortiz Del Mare Cotton Maxi Dress – Pre Fall 2022

    Shoes – Aquazurra Whisper Sandal Flat – 2022

    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Shell Maiden

    Ring – Lunar Rain Starfish Kelp Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Ocean Fragments Starfish Earrings

    Dress – Agua by Agua Bendita Naturalia Shell-Printed Linen Dress – Pre Fall 2019

    Shoes – Aquazurra Seastar Flat – 2022

    Zendaya photo is from an ad by Squarespace.

    tropical vacation outfit idea
    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Grecian Goddess

    Ring – Lunar Rain Pegasus Ring

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Salamander Earrings – Price on request, please email us at

    Dress – Zeus + Dione Scorpio Dress – No longer available

    Shoes – Aquazurra Moondust Flat – 2022

    Picture is of the Head of a Horse of Selene from the Parthenon

    tropical vacation outfit idea

    Egyptian Revival

    Necklace – Lunar Rain Herring Pendant Necklace

    Ring – Lunar Rain Red and Green Spiral Tailed Snake Ring

    Ring – Lunar Rain Snakes and Lotus Ring

    Top – Skims Twist Tank

    Skirt – Altuzarra Pandia pleated lamé midi skirt – Resort 2022

    Shoes – Valentino Garavani No Limits Gladiator Sandals – 2022

    Lipstick – NARS Audacious Lipstick in Olivia

    Photo of the Bust of Nefertiti is by Philip Pikart

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