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    zuhair murad dresses Going To A Ball Lunar Rain Style Melissa Chen

    Zuhair Murad Dresses

    Zuhair Murad Dresses by George Collins


    Movie still is from Cinderella 2015. Disclaimer: Lunar Rain’s jewellery designs are not affiliated with the films and fictional characters mentioned in this article.

    Zuhair Murad is a high-end fashion brand founded by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. Established in 1997, the brand has gained international acclaim for its breathtaking couture designs and glamorous ready-to-wear collections. Zuhair Murad’s creations are characterized by their intricate detailing, elaborate embroideries, and luxurious fabrics, showcasing the designer’s keen eye for craftsmanship and femininity. The brand is known for its exquisite evening gowns and red carpet-worthy dresses, which have been worn by celebrities around the world. Zuhair Murad has become a symbol of opulence and elegance, offering women the opportunity to embrace their inner allure and make a statement with fashion.

    Going To A Ball

    Earrings – Lunar Rain Glasswing Butterfly Earrings

    Ring – Lunar Rain Butterfly Flowers Ring

    Dress – Zuhair Murad Off The Shoulder Organza Gown – 2022

    Shoes – Aquazurra Heaven crystal-embellished PVC slingback pumps – 2022

    Cinderella is a well-known fairy tale that has been adapted and retold numerous times over the centuries. Its origins can be traced back to ancient folk tales and legends, with various versions found in different cultures around the world. While the story has evolved and changed over time, the core elements remain consistent: a young woman who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, a magical transformation, and a grand event where she captures the heart of a prince.

    One of the earliest known versions of the Cinderella story is found in ancient Greek mythology, where the tale of Rhodopis tells the story of a Greek slave girl who marries the king of Egypt. Another early version comes from China, known as “Yeh-Shen,” which dates back to the 9th century and features a young girl who befriends a magical fish and attends a festival with the help of magical items.

    Lunar Rain Melissa Chen Glasswing Butterfly Sterling Silver Earrings 10192
    Glasswing Butterfly Earrings in sterling silver. From our Earthly Delights Collection.
    zuhair murad dresses off the shoulder organza blue gown

    Zuhair Murad Dress

    The most well-known version of Cinderella, however, is the one popularized by the French writer Charles Perrault in his 1697 book “Tales of Mother Goose.” Perrault’s version introduced many iconic elements to the story, such as the fairy godmother, the glass slippers, and the pumpkin carriage. In Perrault’s tale, Cinderella is a beautiful young woman who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. With the help of her fairy godmother, she attends a royal ball where she enchants the prince. When she flees at midnight, she leaves behind a glass slipper, which becomes the key to her identity.

    The story of Cinderella gained even more popularity with the Brothers Grimm’s version in their collection of fairy tales published in the 19th century. The Grimm brothers’ rendition, titled “Aschenputtel,” added some darker and more violent elements to the story, such as the stepsisters cutting off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper. However, the main themes of kindness, perseverance, and the triumph of good over evil remained central.

    This beautiful blue Zuhair Murad dress reminds us of Cinderella. For a fairytale look wear with our sterling silver butterfly jewellery from our Earthly Delights Collection  and our floral rings from our Gothic Romance Collection.

    More collages with Zuhair Murad dresses and Lunar Rain jewellery to come.

    Lunar Rain is a Canadian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, Canada. We ship worldwide and specialize in making fine jewellery inspired by nature.


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